Tuesday, 25 January 2011

7 Secrets - I've been tagged!

I'm pretty new to blogging so it was great when Alison from Plus 2.4 tagged me to do this meme - my first ever! Hopefully I've done it right!

So here goes, 7 secrets about me:

1. I'm really very lazy! The rest of my family are real doers but there is nothing I love more than to spend the day in my PJs in front of the tv with the duvet, lots of mugs of tea and a pack of biscuits!

2. I have a huge guilt complex about the above...

3. I am scared of tramps - I will cross a busy road to avoid walking past one, I even have nightmares about them. I know it's not very pc and I'm sure most are perfectly nice people who have had unfortunate lives and my phobia is completely irrational as I've never experienced any hostility from one...but I can't help it!

4. I was suspended from school for drinking when I was 16. I went to a boarding school and we were very bored one weekend. Needless to say it ended badly!

5. As a child I played with dolls for years after the rest of my friends were into make up and boys! The fact that I'm the first to become a mother isn't that much of a surprise really.

6. I don't iron anything! I don't even own an iron, much to my grand mother's embarrassment! It's amazing how many creases you can smooth out while things are still damp...

7. When I'm given chocolates I like to move the ones I don't like to the top layer so that other people don't eat them!

Not the most exciting of secrets I'm afraid but I found that really hard to think of things!
Anyway, now I am tagging the following bloggers to share their secrets:

So go and blog your 7 secrets and pass on to 7 more bloggers - don't forget to link back to me!

Friday, 21 January 2011

38 weeks today...

... and I'm still pregnant!

I keep hoping that the baby will arrive soon but I have a feeling it will be after my due date!

Things are starting to move in the right direction though; I'm 3/5 engaged, getting back ache and cramps and the Braxton Hicks have moved up several gears and are getting very uncomfortable. But I know all these signs are to be expected in the weeks leading up to labour and that they don't mean anything is imminent but I can't help the wishful thinking!

I'm trying to keep busy and active to take my mind off it but it is hard not to let my mind wander and start to think about the birth and the baby that will be the product of all these months of pregnancy.

I keep having half hearted bouts of nesting but I don't think the nesting instinct is something that comes naturally to me - I keep thinking I really should hoover that floor... really should sort out that cupboard... but these jobs haven't yet been attempted and it's unlikely they will be!

Friday, 14 January 2011

37 weeks today!

Woohoo! Almost there now!

It's good to know that if the baby made an early appearance now she would not be considered premature. It is also quite scary to think she could arrive at any time in the next few weeks.

I am so over aware of every little ache and pain and yesterday I was convinced my waters had started to leak! It was a false alarm and I felt a little silly when I saw the midwife but at least it put my mind at ease.

The baby's bum is right under my ribs so I don't think any engagement has happened yet and I'm still getting lots of movement - kicks, turns and shifting positions. I think she's far too comfortable and happy in there and am convinced I'll be about a week over due.

I would be over the moon if I went into labour soon but it would also be quite nice to wait until the beginning of Feb as my mum is away until Jan 24th and I'm hoping to sit an exam on the 27th - possibly tempting fate here!

Anyway, one thing is for sure, in just over a month I will definitely have a baby (the 16th Feb is the cut off point before they will induce me) and I can not wait to meet her (or him if the scan was wrong).

Friday, 7 January 2011

Thursday, 6 January 2011

36 weeks - well almost...

I'm 36 weeks tomorrow! Suddenly 40 weeks isn't so far away.

We had our first parentcraft session on Tuesday. It was really good to have my knowledge reinforced and supplemented by one of the community mid wives. It is quite amazing really when we have so much info on the internet, in books and in magazines these days but it still really helps to hear it from an expert. It is also really reassuring to know that other parents have the same questions and worries as us. We only get two 2hr sessions which doesn't seem very much compared to other areas but I'm sure all the major points will be covered.

I've been feeling fairly heavy and tired since Christmas and my sleeping has become more and more disrupted - I'm pretty sure this is just going to get worse - perhaps it's nature's way of preparing the body for sleep deprivation once the baby has arrived! Other than the tiredness and general aches and pains I am still feeling very well and keep getting told I'm blooming so I count myself very lucky as I know some people really suffer, especially towards the end of their pregnancies. I do have to keep reminding myself to slow down though. I get these sudden surges of energy and end up over doing things then feeling drained for the rest of the day!

The shape of things to come...

I couldn't resist taking these photos of baby grows drying on my radiator today - they looked so cute all lined up! I have now washed everything in preparation for the arrival, more for novelty value that good organisation!
I will be 36 weeks tomorrow so the weeks are passing by very quickly now. It really dawned on me last week just how close I am - I was shopping and every shop assistant I spoke to kept asking me when I was due and how was I feeling - it made me feel very special!